Desalinators for Commercial/Naval Vessels and Desalinators for Yachts

Cathelco Seafresh desalinators give you the freedom to cruise wherever you want without the need to plan your voyages around marina stops. The reverse osmosis desalinators are available in a range of sizes for sailing and power craft up to largest megayachts.

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Cathelco Seafresh Desalinators for Commercial/Naval Vessels

Cathelco Seafresh desalinators – reliable technology with worldwide service support.
Seafresh have been designing and manufacturing desalinators for more than 30 years.
The desalinators are based on reverse osmosis technology, a well established and reliable method of turning sea water into potable water.
The award winning Seafresh designs have gained a reputation for reliability, durability and ease of operation on more than 1,800 craft around the world.

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Cathelco Seafresh Schematics

Typical yacht installation
Typical commercial installation

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We support:

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Cathelco do Brasil is a company of Workship group.

We offer different packages for repairs and periodical monitoring of cathodic protection and antifouling systems with technical and commercial support from Cathelco in Brazil.
Workship do Brasil has an agile and flexible structure, able to offer fast and creative solutions to customers.

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With great pride we informed the market that our company was qualified as distributor of Autronica in Brazil. We offer local stock for immediate delivery of various types of smoke, gas and flame detectors, communication interfaces and other products, as well as qualified technical assistance and certified by Autronica for on-board ship and platform services with all the necessary certificates.

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MERUS water treatment without chemical against corrosion and limescale.

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Workship brought to Brazil the ultrasonic technology to combat barnaches in the hulls of vessels.
NRG Marine is an English manufacturer with international recognition.
After the quick installation of our product, there is a 99% reduction of the fouling in the submerged hull.
The product is quickly installed inside the vessel, no requiring penetration of the hull.
There are more than 10,000 vessels in the world that use this system, with total satisfaction.

WorkShip of Brazil Technical Services

Workship is a company developed to high level Technical services and spare parts supply, following International standards.

Its administration method is the total client satisfaction, commitment to results and the safety of all involved parts. By representing some of the bigger worldwide naval makers, it is proved the responsibility and liability level of Workship.

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